Mary & Mario can be seen in an episode of Anthony Bourdain’s “No Reservations” on the Travel Channel.  While Anthony tackles Las Vegas, Mary and Mario are performing at the Las Vegas International Accordion Festival.

accordian_largeWestchester County Business Journal, by Bill Fallon
August 10, 2009

Her voice, his accordion, a business

Cover story of Mary Mancini and Mario Tacca

June 22, 20019

Mary Mancini and Mario Tacca Headline the Abruzzi Earthquake Benefit Show

post show press release


Cambridge Press ReleaseOctober 10, 2008

Mary Mancini Inducted into Cambridge Who’s Who Executive, Professional and Entrepreneurial Registry

She has been called “the woman with the golden voice.


This is what people around the world have been saying about Mary and Mario

Mary Mancini deserves the reputation of ‘elite of the International Music Circuit.’ Through her music we see her heart is smiling; Like a stream flowing into the distance, like a skylark in the dark, appealing to the dawn!” Spring City Evening News – People’s Republic of China

The exceptional voice of Mary Mancini, American singer, conquered the public of Froidcul in the Church of St. Segolene. The purity of her voice, the ease with which she seemed to interpret the most difficult pieces showed that Mary Mancini is a great artist!” Le Republicain Lorrain – France Journal – Alsace Lorraine, France

The best female vocalist alive today – sensational – Mary Mancini is a marvelous talent – a lightning bolt! Her reputation of being able to captivate an audience is as legendary in Europe and across the world as it is here at home.” Italian Tribune News – New Jersey

Mary Mancini is superb! She is an outstanding world class artist!” Home News and Times – Westchester County, NY

Mario Tacca is a true Master of his instrument.” Spring City News – People’s Republic of China

Mario Tacca – the invincible Master – unreachable!” Accordiana, Chicago, IL

Mario Tacca combines the technique and the musicianship of a true performer.” Hector Guzman – Music Director Plano, Irving and San Angelo Symphony Orchestras, Texas

Mario Tacca, an accordionist of the highest level – his fingers seem to fly over the keyboard – his musical interpretations were received with the great recognition he deserved!” Le Republicain Lorrain – France Journal, Alsace Lorraine, France


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